TEC Global signed contract for UNDP Salamiya and HAMAM AL-ALIL Substation Projects, IRAQ

TEC Global agreed and signed contract for the complete Electrical Works Scope of UNDP Salamiya and Hamam Al-Alil 2x16MVA 33/11kV Substations.

By this agreement, TEC Global will design & supply complete electrical equipments of 2 Substation.

Scope of Supply of TEC Global for each Substation:

  • 2x16MVA 33/11kV Transformer
  • 33kV GIS Switchgear
  • 11kV AIS Switchgear
  • 11kV NER
  • Auxiliary Transformer
  • Capacitor Banks
  • Battery Banks and Battery-Charger
  • AC/DC Panels
  • UPS and Invertors
  • LV Distribution Panels
  • 33kV & 11kV Metering Panels
  • Engineering & Project Management

TEC Global Enerji Ltd. Sti.

March, 2019



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