Do you know the structure of an Air-Insulated Metal-Clad Primary Switchgear?

Each switchgear unit consists of three power compartments: Circuit-Breaker, Busbars and Cables.  Each unit is fitted with a low voltage compartment, where all the auxiliary instruments are housed.

Arc-proof switchgear is normally provided with a duct for evacuation of the gases produced by an arc; different types of gas ducts are available.

All the compartments are accessible from the front and maintenance operations can correctly

carried out with the switchgear installed up against a wall.

The compartments are segregated from each other by metallic partitions.


TEC Global has been awarded and signed contract for the supply of 25MVA 33/11,5kV Mobile Substation of UNDP Hawija Substation in Ramadi, Iraq.


TEC Global signed contract for UNDP Al-Tahrir Substation Project