OEM and Panel Builders

OEM and Panel Builders

TEC Global understands the challenges and requirements of OEM and Panel Builders and offers wide range of electrical equipments from stocks with fast support and competitive prices, in partnership with Global Brands including;

  • OEM and Panel Builder Switchgear Components
  • MV Circuit Breakers, Vacuum or SF6 Type – ABB Official Distributor e.g. VD4, HD4, Vmax withdrawable and fixed type
  • Vacuum Contactors – ABB Official Distributor e.g. ConVac, VSC Series, fixed and withdrawable type
  • Protection Relays – ABB Official Distributor (e.g. Relion Series, Vamp, MiCOM etc.)
  • HV Protection Relays
  • Switches, Disconnectors, Isolators
  • Communication Devices
  • Low-Voltage Equipments