ABB Indoor Vacuum Contactor ConVac Family

ConVac vacuum contactor is suitable to switch motors and to control electrical circuits, for a wide variety of applications where high number of operations are required.

They are suitable to operate motors, transformers, capacitor banks and fitted with proper fuses, for circuits with fault levels up to 50kA.

Key benefits

  • Fast answer to customer change in specification
  • Flexible installation and easy connections
  • Easy to customize, reduce up to 80% customization time
  • Reduced engineering needs
  • Optimize panel dimensions and cost
  • Operative in extreme conditions

Key features

  • Lower chopping current, increasing motors and transformers lifetime and lowering costs
  • Common and fast assembly of accessories for both 7,2kV and 12kV with no adjustments
  • Rated at up to 12kV, 400A, 6kA unfused; 50kA with SCPD (normal fuses)
  • One multistandard free-standing product for 7,2kV: suitable for IEC62271-106, UL347 and CSA C22.2 standards
  • 7,2kV and 12kV free-standing units mechanically interchangeable and with all electrical connections plug and socket with embedded terminal box to save up to 40% of wiring time
  • Higher dielectric performances above IEC, UL, CSA standard requirements and according to GOST R 52565 2006 (power frequency increased more than to 50% compared to standard IEC requirement)
  • Operative condition from -30°C up to 55°C
  • Fully type tested draw-out solution at 7,2kV for Unigear ZS1,Unisafe and Powercube units
  • Self-supplied solution available for draw-out contactor



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